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The WSOP: "The WSOP"
WSOP learn why and how
The most sought after title and prize in the pokr world learn about it below how to win it is another story, one you will have to learn yourselves :)

Top 5 WSOP poker players Top 5 WSOP poker players. Online Poker brought to you by the real cash winners team online casinos, poker, bingo, sportsbooks and video poker and more!

Why are so many rookies making it the finals in the WSOP Why are so many rookies making it the finals in the WSOP section of the real cash winners website. this is a great information section about online casinos.

How to get into the WSOP How to get into the WSOP. How To Play Baccarat. Brought to you by the real cash winners team online casinos, poker, bingo, sportsbooks and video poker and more!

How to practice for the WSOP How to practice for the WSOP. Brought to you by the real cash winners team online casinos, poker, bingo, sportsbooks and video poker and more!

How to mentally prepare for the WSOP How to mentally prepare for the WSOP. Brought to you by the real cash winners team online casinos, poker, bingo, sportsbooks and video poker and more!

How to stay focused while competing for the WSOP championship How to stay focused while competing for the WSOP championship Brought to you by the real cash winners team online casinos, poker, bingo, sportsbooks and video poker and more!

Complete Library Of Online Poker Reviews

Complete Library Of Online Poker Reviews: "Complete Library Of Online Poker Reviews"
Library Of Online Poker Reviews

You know what the popular online poker sites are, but maybe that's not enough. Getting reviews of the top ten or twenty online poker sites is great, but the world of online poker is a lot bigger than just a few sites. Even if you like the site you're playing on now, a good poker player is always on the lookout for the best bonuses and the softest games. That's why you need to take a look at the Complete Library of Online Poker Reviews.

Whether it's a site that has been around since online poker began, or a brand new site just trying to break into the market, you'll find it here. You'll be able to compare the oldest sites with the newest ones, not to mention all the ones in between. You'll get the basics on all the online poker sites that offer Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud, but you'll also hear about ones that offer exotic games like Badugi or Pineapple, not to mention classics like Five Card Draw. You'll find out which sites offer side bets and other casino action right on site. It doesn't matter if the site has had these options from the beginning, or are just adding them on, you'll be able to check it all out right here. Here are some of the other things you'll find in the Complete Library of Online Poker Reviews:

Network Poker Sites: Some sites are part of one network, meaning they use the same software and come from the same base. These sites may look different, but they all have a common starting point. You can find all the network poker sites right here.

Emerging Sites: Some sites are just starting out, and are coming in under the radar. Some have great support behind them, and some are less than reputable. Is the latest site a flash in the pan, likely to be gone in a few months, or the next big site, worth collecting a bonus for signing on to?

Casino Sites: You'll learn which poker sites are hooked up with larger online casinos, which is great information to have. These sites tend to be safe and secure due to the support of an online casino backing them up. Not only that, they tend to be full of heavy traffic and loose games due to flow from the online casino into the poker room.

Some online poker review sites will give you only the minimum you need to know. The Complete Library of Online Poker Reviews section gives you everything. Every site you need to know about, and every detail you need to know which sites are right for you. You're a dedicated poker player, and that means you do your preparation. The groundwork is laid right here. Dive in and get ready to learn everything you thought you ever could about the world of online poker sites, and much, much more.

What's Hot in Online Poker

What's Hot in Online Poker: "What's Hot in Online Poker"
Whats hot!
As I sit here on a gorgeous summer’s afternoon, ripping the pop-top off my seventh or eighth can of Pabst and watching the sun fade over the tree line, I feel a great sense of peace within. Serenity is not something which has always come easily to Floyd Manning. Anyone who has seen as much turmoil and chaos as I have over the course of a lifetime is naturally going to be challenged when it comes to simply accepting things as they are and going with the flow.

Every time my mind goes back to the rampant bloodshed I witnessed in Laos in the late '60s, I can feel my pulse begin to accelerate and my knuckles go white. Fortunately, as I’ve gotten older, I have become more adept at banning unpleasant thoughts from my mind. Thus, I am able to walk the golden road of optimism more often than not, keeping my eye out for life's limitless possibilities.

So today I take this quiet time to wet my whistle and think about certain aspects of Internet poker. Of all the many subjects my brain is apt to dissect on a given day, Internet poker is one which never ceases to provide me with ample fodder for deep rumination. The fact of the matter is, more and more people are discovering the pleasure of playing poker online. It’s happening every day, in every town, county and state of this great land (not to mention every hemisphere of the globe.)

What does it all mean? Where are we all headed as a species, given this explosion in online poker?

Rather than allow my mind to spin like a top, pondering these imponderables, I think it would be instructive to focus on the current state of affairs and try to determine what precisely is hot in online poker at the moment. There are several valid answers to this question so let’s take them one at a time.

First of all, the satellite tournamentis probably the most smokin' trend in Internet poker these days. Ever since it became readily apparent that average, nonprofessional players can earn a seat at the biggest poker tournament known to man (the World Series of Poker, obviously you knew that) multitudes of individuals have been logging on many Web sites which offer these types of satellite competitions. Naturally, not very many people are able to make that leap from amateur to pro status, but that’s hardly the point. By playing in a good satellite tournament, you are able to increase your skills and confidence level. This only help to make you a better poker player in whatever environment you happen to be competing.

Another hot trend in online poker is the surge in bonuses which are offered to average players by a host of reputable Web sites. This truly is a buyer's market, which is good news for us players because the casinos have to bend over backwards coming up with new ways to earn our business. Therefore, a shrewd online poker player will always keep an eye peeled for the juiciest signup and loyalty bonuses. Believe me, they are out there, just waiting for you to take advantage of them.

Finally, another hot trend I see on the rise is a new fascination with Omaha. Since Texas Holdem has sucked up all the oxygen in the poker world for the past decade or so, it was only inevitable that a new challenger would emerge for the public's attentjon. Take it from me, that challenger is Omaha.

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Top 5 poker players of all time

Top 5 poker players of all time:
"Top 5 poker players of all time - Is it you?"

There have been numerous occasions during the course of my tenure as a gambling writer that I have invited extreme physical harm by stating my opinions about various aspects of the professional poker circuit. It is only to be expected that tempers will often flare when a group of committed fans get together to debate who the greatest players ever to appear on this scene were, and in what order they should be ranked.

Really, there’s no difference between poker and any other major competition, whether it be football, baseball, hockey, beach volleyball, checkers, basketball or underwater basket weaving. What all these great competitions have in common are hordes of devoted fans who will not shrink from violence in defending their heroes.

So it is that I have been sent to the intensive care unit on a number of occasions after having initiated a bar fight based upon who should be ranked as the top five poker players of all time. Fortunately, I come from very hearty stock and my bones and internal issues seem to mend rather quickly. Therefore, I have never had to stay in the hospital for more than three or four weeks at the time. As I’ve gotten older and a bit mellower, I have learned not to flagrantly invoke these kinds of beatings in rowdy saloons. Rather, I am content to simply walk away knowing that I am right and everyone else is wrong.

While we are on the subject, allow me to go through my list of the top five greatest poker players. Bear in mind that this list tends to change a bit with my passing whims and moods. But, at the core, it remains essentially the same.

At a very top of my list would have to go Doyle “Texas Dolley” Brunson. If anyone deserves the status of living legend, it's this distinguished gentlemen. He’s been around forever, racked up more pots than you can imagine and continues to make his mark on the circuit.

Amarillo Slim is another legendary player whose name must be included in any top five list. An old friend of Doyle's, he was known for his colorful personality and fearless play at the tables. They don't make 'em like that any more.

Rounding out the top three of what I call the Holy Trinity of poker legends is the great Benny Binion. His contribution to the game is unique not only as a player, but as the proprietor of Binion's Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. He also invented the World Series of Poker.

Another great champion who deserves the respect of all is Johnny Chan. This guy broke racial barriers and shattered expectations, all back at a time when no one gave him a chance of making a name for himself. All players of poker can learn much from Mr. Chan.

Finally, I would mention the great Johnny Moss. He deserves a unique mention because he was the very first person to win the World Series of Poker back in 1970. He went on to repeat this feat, as I’m sure you know, and always maintained his unique sense of style at the green felt.

Top 5 poker winnings of all time

Top 5 poker winnings of all time:
"Top 5 poker winnings of all time - Who won the most money? "

There's no question that millions of people all over the world have become utterly fascinated with witnessing poker tournaments in the capacity of spectator. What a strange idea this would have sounded like to some of the old timers who got started playing in dusty saloons in the first half of the twentieth century. Back then, those poker champs might've had a hard time envisioning people sitting in front of a small box with a glass screen to watch a game of football. Thus, you can imagine how utterly unfathomable it would be for them to picture millions of people carving time out of their busy schedules to watch a televised card game.

Well, if there's one thing we can say about the future it's that it is totally unpredictable. And there can be no question that professional poker is one of the leading spectator competitions being broadcast today. What makes watching poker so much fun? There are many answers to that question, but there can be little doubt that seeing a player walk away with a gigantic pot or main event prize is a tremendous thrill. Especially if you have taken the time to get to know the player, and thus have a genuine rooting interest in his or her success.

Listing the five greatest poker winnings of all time is a fool's errand, because there are just too many options to choose from. Therefore, I am going to limit the focus of this article to one very special time, the first five years of the World Series of Poker.

It is difficult to believe that back in 1970, when Benny Binion first launched the WSOP at his Horseshoe casino, poker was very much on the margins of society. In fact, it was this very tournament that helped to bring the game into the mainstream. Let's look at the winnings garnered during the WSOP's first five years, for they are all historic and worthy of mention.

In 1970, Johnny Moss won the very first WSOP title. No money was involved, but he won a very special silver cup as recognition for his tremendous poker play. You can bet that cup is worth a hell of a lot of money these days.

The following year, there was tremendous pressure on Moss to see if he could repeat his accomplishment. Against tremendous odds, he did just that and walked home with $30,000 for his efforts.

In 1972, Moss was knocked from his perch by one of his old friends/rivals, Amarillo Slim. After a grueling match, Slim took home a whopping $80,000.

By the time 1973 rolled around, the main event prize had mushroomed too a staggering total of $130,000. This was a huge amount of money back then, and all of it went to a fierce competitor name of Puggy Pearson.

The World Series of Poker held in 1974 included the biggest field ever, and there was $160,000 on the line. Proving that nothing is impossible, former champion Johnny Moss battled back to take home all the marbles.

Todays Online Poker Enthusiast

Todays Online Poker Enthusiast:
"Todays Online Poker Enthusiast - The Poker Enthusiast "

Do you consider yourself to be a typical online poker enthusiast? Please do not feel offended by the fact that I ask such a personal and probing question. After all, it’s my job to take the pulse of the contemporary poker world. There is no way for me to fulfill my duties without getting up close and personal with the wide range of folks who make a point of playing this venerable game on a regular basis.

Yes, it is true that I have suffered a fair amount of bruises, cuts and contusions over the years, directly resulting from my fearless and aggressive questioning tactics. However, if you think I sit around licking my wounds and regretting any of my previous actions, you are sorely mistaken. Floyd Manning is not the kind of individual who believes in looking back, because my sole focus lies in creating a better future for the generations of poker players who have not even have been born.

Anyway, I was trying to determine if you consider yourself to be an average poker enthusiast of the early 21st century. Assuming you are not irritated by the question, you may be at a loss to provide a solid answer. In fact, you may be wondering just how the hell someone is supposed to determine whether or not he or she is a typical online poker enthusiast. That is a very legitimate concern, so let’s take a look at the issue in a bit of detail.

The first aspect I would have to examine in order to determine how well an individual player fits into the larger pattern is the frequency with which he or she logs on to the Internet to enjoy some poker. There is quite a bit of diversity in this regard, as you might imagine. A certain segment of the population restricts its playing time to several sessions per month. (I know, such a weak frequency is absurdly laughable to serious players, but in fact it is not uncommon.) A somewhat larger swath of the population makes a point of logging on at least two or three times a week in order to play. And then there is the truly hard-core segment, which is comprised of borderline addicts move cannot make it through a 24-hour stretch without participating in at least a hand or two. Which category is yours?

The next aspect which must be examined in great detail is the particular game which you enjoy the most. As you might suspect, Texas Holdem is by far the most popular poker variant on the scene right now. This has been the case for at least the past five years, concurrent with the unbelievable boom in televised poker tournaments. How long this trend will last is a subject of heated debate among members of the professional poker community. I, for one, feel that a another format of the game will rear its head to challenge Holdem’s preeminence within the next decade.

Moving on, we must determine the level of financial risk/investment you make in your poker planning. The vast majority of online players are responsible when it comes to gambling their hard-earned dollars online. However, it must be said that another portion of society - and it’s not that small, either - is comprised of individuals who have no control over their compulsive behavior. For these unfortunate souls, the advent of online gambling has been nothing short of an utter disaster. Ultimately, any citizen is responsible for his or her own actions, but should you not be able to control your online gambling, it is vital that you seek counseling immediately.

In conclusion, simply by looking at some of these most basic aspects, we are able to put together a composite image of today’s typical online poker enthusiast. Now it is incumbent upon you to compare your personal experience with these broader analyses, and determine precisely where you fit into the picture. Once you have made this type of self-assessment, your ability to enjoy online poker will be enhanced dramatically.

Online Poker Bonuses Explained

Online Poker Bonuses Explained:
"Online Poker Bonuses Explained The Explanations "

I would like to you take this opportunity to share with you a strange little secret of the online gaming community. While it is true that the casinos generate enormous amounts of money from their ravenous customers, the balance of power in this situation is not what you might expect. Specifically, this is a buyer’s market, which gives you (the customer) the real power to choose. If you want to play some online poker, you must adopt a discerning attitude about where you play, which can be largely defined by the bonuses offered at a Web site. If online poker bonuses have not been explained to you yet, this is a good time to do it.

Fortunately, people who have garnered even a modest level of experience gambling online are familiar with the general phenomenon of bonuses. As you enhance your storehouse of knowledge by having online poker bonuses explained, you will be relieved to find that they operate in a manner which is highly similar to those found under a broader grouping within the arena of online gambling. The idea is to ensure that committed players maintain or improve current levels of activity and investment, while at the same time inviting less experienced gamblers to expose themselves to Internet poker.

If you fall into the category of novice gamblers, you will be most interested in the many sign-up poker bonuses which are plentiful in cyberspace. These provide an excellent opportunity to hone your skills and earn a bit of confidence before engaging in any kind of serious cash or tournament play. Many online poker bonuses provide what are known as “freerolls,” which allow you to participate in actual money competitions without risking your own wallet.

By making a deposit of, say, $50, you will receive $30 (just as an example) of free roll credits. Now you can immediately enter into any type of poker game with $30 to gamble with that is essentially “the casino’s money.” If and when that bonus fund evaporates, you will be required to play the remainder of your $50 deposit. Bear in mind, should things go your way, the initial deposit may never be touched. Furthermore, even if you to blow through the $30 bonus, you will be garnering invaluable experience to help you once it’s time to put your own money on the line.

Loyalty bonuses operate on a slightly different level, in terms of Internet poker. The most common type you’ll find relates to the vast number of satellite tournaments taking place virtually every single day. Almost all of these require a buy-in fee in order to generate a pot for which players compete. If you’re an existing gambler at a poker Web site, you may easily be offered a loyalty bonus by which you will have the buy-in waived as a result of reviewing your membership or making an additional deposit.

There can be no doubt that many online casinos operate in a way very similar to their towering steel counterparts in Las Vegas. Specifically, loyalty is always richly rewarded, and every effort is made to attract new members. Take advantage of the tremendous online poker bonuses out there, and your proficiency with the game can only improve.

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Rookie Poker Tips

Rookie Poker Tips: "Rookie Poker Tips - Tips for Rookies"

It is entirely natural for rookie poker players to seek out the advice of a world renowned expert such as Floyd Manning when it comes to finding ways in which to improve their chances for success of the green felt. You may think that I’d get somewhat weary of the incessant barrrage of questions I receive from these wide-eyed hopefuls (which arrive in the form of e-mail, snail mail, fax, and on a few rare occasions, smoke signals naturally arising from some participants at a nearby Native American-owned casino) but you would be wrong to make that assumption. There are few activities in this life that mean more to me than providing some useful pointers which new players can use to advance up the rungs of the global poker ladder.

Let’s face it, poker is not the easiest game to master. It calls upon each player to display remarkable levels of skill, tenacity and sheer heart. And after all, no single poker hand is like any that came before or will come after it. Every time the cards are dealt, you are faced with an entirely new set of challenges and opportunities. Therefore, my first bit of advice to rookie poker players is to always keep an open mind and recognize good opportunities in whatever form they may assume.

But let's get a little bit more specific about advice for novice poker fans. The first thing I would impart is that a good poker player will never fall in love with the hand he or she may happen to be holding. This is actually more difficult in practice than it may sound in theory. Because it is entirely possible that your starting hand will be so strong that you will be overwhelmed with a feeling of invincibility. How you react to this feeling of may vary, but your tactical maneuvers are irrelevant unless they are made from a strong strategic foundation. In other words, you can never allow yourself to be carried away with the thrill of emotion when looking down at a strong starting hand.

Furthermore, rookie players must always remember that any sort of sign or giveaway "tell" must be snuffed out from their own performance if they wish to be successful at the poker table. This is a skill which frankly not enough players engage at the earliest point of their careers, and it always comes back to haunt them. So I always advise new players to spend quite a bit of time studying their own habits, because this will not only help them to refrain from telegraphing their hand, it will also be of tremendous value in learning to recognize the tells exhibited by other players. Even when no money is on the line, maintaining a solid poker face at all times is of paramount importance.

Lastly, I always urge new players to take it slowly, at a graduated pace. We can all find ourselves getting excited after we win a few big hands, either by luck or by skill. It's all too easy to lose perspective and throw away more money than we can afford to part with on the green felt, especially in the early stages of learning poker.

Online Games

Online Games: "ONLINE GAMES"

Everybody loves to play games online. The most exciting online games are, of course, casino games. From people's very own homes, fortunes have been won and lost. That said, you don't have to be a high stakes player to enjoy online casino games. Some games have minimum bets as low as pennies, and others as high as hundreds of dollars. Whatever your level, there are online games out there for you to enjoy.

Here's where you'll learn which games you'll want to try. Get the basic ideas on what each online game is about, where the best places are to play, and how you should get started. You'll find all the information you need on great casino games like:

Blackjack: A casino standard and now one of the most popular online games to play, this is a game where knowing your stuff can really pay off. The object is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over, but there's a lot more to the game than that. There are basic strategies that maximize your winning potential, and special tactics like splitting, doubling, insurance and surrender that you need to know about. Furthermore, many casinos like to put their own special spin on blackjack, offering variations like blackjack switch and pontoon. Before you start playing online blackjack, it pays to be prepared.

Video Poker: Be aware, this is not the same game as online poker. Online poker is a game played against other players where you are trying to showdown a better hand than your opponents. Video poker is more of a marriage of poker and slot machines. You get paid for the best hand you can make. There is no trying to beat other players, no bluffing or folding. Even so, there are strategies for maximizing your video poker success, and there are a wide variety of video poker variations and types of machines that you need to know about.

Slots: Slot machines are another staple of every great casino, and the slot machine concept lends itself perfectly to online play. If you are going to be a online games slot machine player, you need to know which sites have the machines that offer the best payouts and the best jackpot bonuses, in addition to which machines are the most fun to play.

Roulette: Just put a chip down on your number and if the number comes up you win. That's all there is to it, right? Wrong. There are different kinds of roulette tables, and some give you a better edge than others. You need to know which tables have special rules that offer an advantage to the player, and which betting systems are guaranteed to make your bankroll disappear.

Check out the online games section that follows and get information on great games like this. Once you've used the information here to get going with your online gaming fun, refer back here from time to time to get a refresher or see if there's more you need to know.

Play Free Games

Play Free Games:
"Play Free Games Below The Ultimate Online Games Collection"

Diner Dash 2 (3545 players)Flo's back and better than ever in Diner Dash 2! Seat customers, take orders, collect tips, and help Flo and her friends defeat Mr. Big.

Mahjongg Fortuna (10081 players)Speed and intellectual skills are your most important weapons.

Chainz 2 (5882 players)It's link-matching madness that's sure to keep you chained to your seat!

Zuma (4856 players)Control the stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma in this thrilling action puzzle.

Tropix Trijong (2662 players)Try to earn more sand dollars and have more fun in Tropix Trijong. Play Mahjong in the Tropics!

Bejeweled 2 (4398 players)Swap adjacent gems to create rows of 3 or more identical gems in awe-inspiring planetary backdrops!

Bookworm (3975 players)Link letters to feed the Bookworm in this exciting word game!

Lucy Q (814 players)Amateur detectives can put their magnifying glasses and innate curiosity to good use in Lucy Q.

Yahtzee (3159 players)Score a Large straight or a Full House in Yahtzee! You can now play this classic game on the Internet.

Jewel Quest (2890 players)Turn the sand of the ancient jungle into gold as fast as possible by matching groups of 3 items.

Text Express 2 (3268 players)Welcome aboard the Text Express 2! A new journey and a new word adventure. Bon Voyage!!

Diner Dash - Flo on the Go (2179 players)Hard-working Flo trades in her apron for a passport to paradise in Diner Dash: Flo on the Go!

Gold Rush (2482 players)Help Jack the Gold Digger, to find gold by clicking on groups of three or more blocks.

Chuzzle (2489 players)Googly-eyed little balls of fur that giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you push them across the board!

Mahjong Fortuna 2 (2733 players)A sense of serenity and tranquility will descend upon you as you play countless variations of the Zodiac signs in Mahjong Fortuna 2.

The Legend of El Dorado (2190 players)Use your skills and strategy in the adventurous game The Legend of El Dorado. Go for gold!

Luxor (1962 players)Stop all colored spheres before they can reach the pyramids at the ends of the paths.

Mahjongg Mystery (1672 players)Speed and intellectual skills are your most important weapons.

Cake Mania (7784 players)Help Jill to open a bakery in Cake Mania; attract customers and make money.

Puzzle Book (1372 players)Keep matching the available pieces from the bottom of the screen until the puzzle is complete.

Big Money (1410 players)Click on groups of three or more identical coins and fill the money meter with coins to release a moneybag.

Hammer Heads (1395 players)Whack away your day and have a smashing good time with the funny gnomes in Hammer Heads.

Text Express (1379 players)Welcome aboard the Text Express! Keep your train moving by making words with the letters.

TextTwist (1266 players)Are you good and quick with words and letters? If so, TextTwist is the game for you. Let the words do the talking!

Sweetopia (923 players)Candy and games! The perfect combination in Sweetopia! Guaranteed not to ruin your teeth or your figure.

Super Collapse! 3 (1011 players)Love at first play! Clear matching bricks and blow up the rest. Will you survive or collapse?

Cubis 2 (1009 players)The sequel to the Puzzle hit of 2002. Remove the target number of Cubes from each level before time runs out!

Tropix Solitaire (810 players)Don't get bored on the beach; just play a game of cards in Tropix Solitaire.

Aloha Solitaire (819 players)Immerse yourself in the idyllic Hawaiian Islands of Aloha Solitaire.

Pharaoh's Classic (817 players)Clear the pyramids as fast as you can by removing the cards.

Word Mojo (830 players)A simple, crossword-style word mojo game that is both challenging and fun!

Alchemy (731 players)Transmute the board from lead to gold by placing runes on every square.

Mahjongg Classic (723 players)Speed and intellectual skills are your most important weapons.

Bunny Bounce (677 players)Welcome to Bunny Bounce; a unique game of "three of a kind".

Top 5 Games to play for a beginner

Top 5 Games to play for a beginner:
"Top 5 Games to play for a beginner - Beginner Games the top 5"

One of the challenges of being a professional poker writer is knowing how to calibrate what I write for the audience in question. I have to assume, based upon the letters I get from fans around the globe, that people who read the work of Floyd Manning have a quite a bit of variance in terms of their skill levels.

It is only to be expected that individuals who have been deeply involved with gambling for a number of years continually turn to Floyd for the very latest news, tips and analysis. However, it is equally sensible to think that novice players out there looking to build a solid foundation on their understanding of gambling would be every bit as interested or in learning as much as they can from the works of your humble scribe.

The challenge that I face is catering both to the upper and lower spectrums of gambling knowledge. In recent weeks, I have spent the majority of my attention dealing with a fairly sophisticated analyses of certain poker variations and the tactical maneuvers required to be successful with them. For that reason, I thought it would be wise to take a broader look which would be instructive to new players who are not quite sure which path to follow. In particular, for many novice gamblers who find themselves asking a very understandable question: “What are good games for beginners to play?”

While there can be no definitive answer to that question, as opinions are bound to vary from one expert to another, I would like to list five examples which any beginner would be well served by learning. Once you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals applying to these games, you can move on to more sophisticated variations with adequate confidence.

1. Blackjack. As far as card games go for, particularly ones which you encounter in a casino environment, this is probably the very best place to start. It involves strategy but is significantly simpler than even the most basic forms of poker. Simplicity can be deceptive however, and blackjackcan test the skill levels of even seasoned players.

2. Five-card draw. In the realm of poker, this is sort of like home base. Once you get the hang of betting, drawing and bluffing, which are all which found within this game, you can then move on to games like Texas Holdem and Omaha.

3. Slots. Inarguably the simplest of all games, and one of which relies entirely on luck. However, once you have gotten bored with regular slots, you can move onto progressive slots which will involve some mathematical computation.

4. Roulette. This can be among the most complex of all gambling diversions, it all depends on how complex your betting patterns are. For a beginner, you can simply limit it to red or black, and still feel all the excitement of watching that wheel spin.

5. My last recommendation is a little game called Indian. If you don’t know the rules by now, you probably shouldn’t be gambling at all. But if you absolutely must know, ask a friend and he or she will probably be kind enough to tell you.

Top 5 Online Games

Top 5 Online Games:
"Top 5 Online Games 5 Top online games"

Let's take a moment to be extremely honest with ourselves, and with each other. But, before we can reach this level of sincerity, let’s make a few assumptions. The first assumption is that you have access to a computer on a regular basis. Perhaps you are fortunate to have your own home computer, or simply log on to one every time you arrive at work. Whatever the case may be, you’re in a situation in which a large portion of your waking hours are spent staring at a monitor and pecking away at a keyboard. Okay, so much for the first assumption.

The second assumption goes as follows: though the majority of your time spent on the computer is directed towards productive, work-related goals, there is another chunk of time that is spent strictly on fun and recreation. Come on, you can admit it to your pal Floyd. Do not worry, you are in good company. There are literally millions of people just like you.

Now that we have gotten over that psychological barrier, it is time to focus our attention in a more productive manner. Specifically, what are some of the best games you can enjoy online? The good news here is that your selections are virtually unlimited. Almost every game that has been popular in a “live” format has been translated into a digital version, available at the click of a mouse 24 hours a day, 7 days week. What a bounteous situation this is for game players such as you and I.

If I had to put together a Top Five list of great games to play online, I'd have to start with poker. In particular, Texas Holdem is a game which converts remarkably well to an Internet version. All the same thrills, excitement and nonstop betting action can be experienced when playing Holdem on your computer. Especially at really excellent sites like Party Poker and Pacific Poker.

Another form of poker which is extremely fun in a cyber-version is Omaha. Whether you like to play the standard, hi/lo or 8-or-better version of Omaha, do not have any fear they you will be in difficulty when it comes to finding good opportunities in cyberspace. In fact, this game has made huge strides in popularity in just the past year or so.

Online Bingo is another game that gets quite a bit of attention. Personally, I’ve always found this game of bit stale and better suited to the Geritol crowd, but to each his own.

Blackjack, that perennial favorite of the Vegas this casino environment, is also a major player in the online gambling world. The simplicity of this game (which can be deceptive at times) is perfectly suited for computer play. Again, you have many options to choose from here.

Finally, give online craps a shot. This game is every bit as complex in a computer format as it is live, though it's not quite the same when you can't pick up the dice and give them a good toss. Still, I know many devoted online craps players, and could become one myself at some point.

Online Game Reviews

Online Game Reviews:
"Online Game Reviews Online Games"

To be a successful online casino gambler, you've got to know how to play the games. Knowing the rules isn't enough, either. You've got to know which games you can beat, which games have the lowest house edge and how you can get that edge.

In the online game reviews section, you'll learn which sites have all the newest games, what those games are, and how to play them most successfully. Of course you need to know the basic rules for blackjack, roulette and video slot machines, but you also need to know all the new variations hitting the online casinos, such as blackjack switch, pontoon, European vs. American roulette, and multi payout slots. You never know which of these games or variations is going to prove to be the most fun, most profitable, or most exciting for you, the player, so come here first and learn all the facts.

Each of these games have their own basic strategy too, and you're going to have to learn those strategies if you want to have any chance of beating the House. The House edge at some of these games can be as high as over 15 percent (you lose $.15 for every dollar you play) and as low as less than one percent. Which games would you rather play? Without some kind of guide, you won't know if you should be playing pass line bets or hardway bets in craps; red, black, or your lucky number in roulette; whether or not you should hit 16 at the blackjack table. Believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to play slot machines too. How can you find out what you need to know to win? That's what we're here for. Find out the best risk for your hard earned cash in the Online Game Reviews section.

Some games have big jackpots associated with them. It seems like every online casino is posting news about an average player who tried their luck for years and could never catch a break, who suddenly found themselves on easy street after hitting a super jackpot. Whether it's a mega slot prize, a progressive video poker jackpot, or a poker bad beat payoff, the right jackpot can turn a casual player into a high roller. You'll definitely want to know all about that, so keep an eye out for that info here.

Online casino gaming is all about placing the right bet at the right time. Every long term gambler knows that a knowledgeable, informed player is a winning player. If you're going to be a consistent winner, you need to be prepared. Everything you need to be the most ready you can be is right here. All the hard work is done for you. Come here to learn the casino games and learn the online strategy, and once you have it down, go out and implement it. The online casinos won't know what hit them when you've prepped with the Online Game Reviews section.

Library of Online Game Reviews

Library of Online Game Reviews:
"Library of Online Game Reviews - Complete Library of Online Game Reviews"

Do you consider yourself to be a collector? Are you the type of individual who would rather spend an entire weekend amassing large amounts of a particularly treasured item more than anything else in the whole world? If you can answer that question in the affirmative, you have very much in common with your humble correspondent.

For years now I have been amassing an absolutely colossal collection of beaver teeth, which I suspect but cannot prove is the largest collection of its kind of on the planet. I have repeatedly contacted the rather snotty editors at Guinness regarding my collection, only to be rebuffed and ignored time and time again. Trust me when I say that some rather drastic measures are being mapped out should my claim fail to be recognized in the next printing of the Guinness Book of World Records. It would be imprudent of me to say more on this matter at the moment, just keep your eyes peeled for any interesting developments that may occur on this front and know that Floyd Manning's handiwork is involved.

I have a word of caution for all you would-be collectors out there in cyberspace. It is absolutely critical to choose the right type of item to collect, thus sparing yourself untold pain and frustration. In other words, some things simply cannot be collected in a comprehensive way, and such an attempt is a surefire formula for a date with a straightjacket.

Need an example? How about my late Uncle Xander, who set out several decades ago to form the world's largest collection of full-grown male hippopotami. Ignoring advice from friends regarding the endangered status of these animals, not to mention the logistical headaches involved with attempting to house a large number of them (especially considering that Xander lived in a four-story walkup on Staten Island, sharing the space with his wife and eight children) he recklessly pursued his quest until finally giving it up on his deathbed, a broken man who had failed to garner even one lousy hippo to call his own.

Do not make the mistake my uncle made. Specifically, do not attempt to put together the world's most complete library of online game reviews. Why? It is about as realistic an option as capturing the wind in your arms. The Internet continues to sprout new online game reviews practically by the minute, appearing on Web sites of various levels of quality.

You must realize there's a tremendous amount of diversity when it comes to online gaming reviews, particularly in the area of legitimacy. Don't be too shocked when I tell you that many online casinos write their own "objective reviews" and then post them at affiliate Web sites in an attempt to attract new players. Be sure to always seek out honest and fair reviews strictly for the purpose of making yourself a better informed gambler. Don't try collecting them all, that is a task which can only end in tragedy!

Gaming Software Reviews

Gaming Software Reviews:
"Gaming Software Reviews - Online Gaming Software Reviews"

As the the reign of the Internet grows by the day, and more people in every time zone on the planet discover the pleasures of online gambling, a very strange societal phenomenon is taking place. If you are the type of individual who is fascinated by observing the transformation of the human race in its many forms, this trend should be of some interest. And, if you happen to be an online gambling fan yourself, it will of course take on an element of personal urgency.

The trend I am talking about is a rapid increase of sophistication found the within the average online player when it comes to assessing the gaming experience. To put it another way, standards have been raised considerably. This should be no surprise, because as software continues to improve and Internet casinos are able to offer better and more realistic gaming options, the average player will come to expect more and also have a deeper understanding of how software works.

For software developers, this trend is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is hugely rewarding in a financial sense to attract new customers by virtue of improvements made to the virtual gaming realm. On the other hand, these new customers quickly become jaded with the latest bells and whistles and continually demand more. Therefore, an ongoing rat race continues, with the geniuses who develop the software pushing themselves to raise the bar ever higher and the consumers spending more time and money online while seeking out the very latest and most cutting-edge software.

In this climate, it only makes sense that many reviews of gambling software are cropping up all over cyberspace. It has become something of a cottage industry for experts (or, in some cases, people who simply call themselves experts) to publish detailed critiques of the latest software, either making positive recommendations or discouraging players from bothering to try it.

As a savvy online gambler, you have certainly read your share of software reviews and may feel a bit overwhelmed by the deluge of information to be had online. In particular, I have been contacted by a number of avid online gamblers who have expressed a healthy level of skepticism about some of the reviews they have come across. And why shouldn't they? When it becomes clear that even a preschooler would realize what is being offered is not a truly objective review but a thinly veiled advertisement, the general sense of trust is destined to fall.

However, I would urge you not to abandon the process of reading online reviews about casino software, but to simply apply a discerning mind in this endeavor. It is pretty clear that the leading software companies, PlayTech being at the top of the list, will continually put out a high quality product which will be well reviewed by just about anyone. But there are other, less known companies out there who are sure to rival PlayTech's dominance. So keep an eye on this booming industry, and you will will always be able to find the very best game software available.

Sports Books

Sports Books:
"Sports Books"

You know the Giants are a lock to beat the Cowboys, but can't find anyone to book the bet. You love to play parlays and teasers but don't live anywhere near Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Your problem is solved with the online sports book. These sites are a godsend to the sports bettor, booking as many bets as you can make for as much as you can stand. To make the most use of these sports books, you've got to know which ones are offering what, and that's where the Sports Books section comes in.

Learn which sites offer which sports. Sure, almost all sites can book your NBA, NFL, or Major League Baseball action. College sports are no problem too. But what if you're a golf bettor? A horse racing enthusaist? A boxing guy? What if your interest is in motor sports or European games like cricket, rugby, or soccer? How about if you want to bet on who's going to win the World Series of Poker? Use this section to figure out which sports books offer the best lines on the action that you like to follow.

Then there's the matter of what kind of bets you need booked. Find out the best sites for straight bets, parlays, if bets, halftime bets and more. See which sites offer the most favorable point spreads and which ones offer the best money lines. Compare and contrast between your favorite sports book sites with a few clicks of the mouse. If you don't know all the bets you can make, learn how over/unders work, or the ideas behind betting on tennis or soccer. Get all the facts about teaser bets and reverses. All the information you need to make the most fun and most exciting kinds of bets is right here.

There is also the issues of safety and security. Find out which sites have been around the longest; which have the best reputations. Learn which sports book to put your money so that you know it will be there when you need it. Learn the best places to bet on sports for getting a quick cash out when you win.

If you want to find out which sites are linked to popular online casinos and online poker sites, so you can parlay your winnings into even more money at the tables, you can do that here. You can also find out about great deposit bonuses, incentives, and contests. Being a great sports bettor is all about playing the percentages and knowing the odds. Doing the research and being prepared. You don't need to waste time trying to find the right sports book, so this section does most of the work for you.

Once you've looked through here and found out everything you need to know about the best and most up to date sports book news, the rest is up to you. Find those winning teams, lay down your wagers, and start winning!

Spread Betting

Spread Betting:
"Spread Betting, What you need to know about Spread Betting"

Ask just about anyone even peripherally associated with gambling and he or she will tell you that spread betting is all the rage these days. Heck, your average biker hooligan or garden variety dolt could probably make a similar observation. There's just no escaping the fact that America has fallen in love with spread betting. Personally, I feel this is a very sanguine omen for our prospects as a nation and a species. Surely, we are all better off if broader segments of society are intimately versed with the basic tenants of this timeless recreation.

Spread betting, for those of you who may not be entirely up to speed, is a style of gambling which focuses on the outcome of any event in which the more accurate the bet, the more is won. On the flip side, a greater amount is forfeited based on the less accurate the bet turns out to be. The spread itself represents a margin of error in predetermining a result, and the bet is usually predicated on whether the outcome will be above or below that margin.

Experienced gamblers realize that spreads are often broken up into half-point fractions to avoid ties. The winner of a typical spread bet wins the amount that he has bet, while a losing bettor loses the amount wagered plus the vig, which is what the bookie collects on the loss. The vig traditionally clocks in at 10 percent of the full bet, but there's a tremendous amount of variety here as relatively few bookies work by union rules.

It must be understood that spread betting is potentially more rewarding (and, at the same time, much more dangerous) than wagering under a fixed odds system. Since there does not exist a single stake to keep a lid on the maximum loss, this amount can become staggeringly large. Sometimes it can be large enough to encourage a hasty change of nationality and permanent severing of all ties with friends and family.

As associated with the majority of sports betting scenarios you are most likely to come across, a large percentage of spread bets are known as "over-under" wagers. However, these are made only for one side or another of the scoring total. Also, these will not increase the amount of money won or lost. Instead, over-under bets are handled much like point-spread bets on a team, most often with the application of a standard vig. Quite a few Nevada-based sports-books allow these bets to be used in parlays as with team point spread bets, making it possible to bet, for instance: "Team X and the over." You would be paid if both Team X covers the point spread and the total score is greater than what was predicted by the book.

With an ever-larger population of Ivy League brainiacs filtering into the sometimes seedy and brutal world of sports betting, mathematical analysis of spreads and have become something of a hot topic. As you might imagine, the books and casinos aren't too thrilled, much preferring to take the money from standard "gut" bettors. But there's no stopping progress, and it's a safe estimation that the widespread allure of spread betting in its many guises will only continue to grow.

Sorts Book Reviews

Sports Book Reviews:
"Sports Book Reviews The Lo Down on Sports Books"

You know, as we try to keep up with the unbelievably rapid technological and societal changes that unfold around us on a daily basis, it is easy to look back on aspects of the past which now appear in an entirely different light. Just consider the many ways in which your daily existence has been transformed in the last decade or so. Life without e-mail, to take a grossly obvious example, probably seems inconceivable at this point to most people around the world.

Whether or not all of the modern conveniences upon which we now so totally rely will ultimately prove to be our demise or our salvation is a question that only the passage of time can answer. All I can tell you for sure is this: it is going to be one hell of a ride.

Because such a large portion of my focus is directed towards the gambling world, I naturally keep an eye towards ways in which this pastime is updated, altered and improved by technological development. The Internet has completely reshaped the landscape where people participate in a broad range of gaming diversions. Certain elements which have been historically associated with gambling have either been redefined or relegated to the ash heap of history. In most cases, I would have to say this has been a good thing, though we can all think back with nostalgia at certain anachronisms of days past.

Just consider the icon of the bookie. As portrayed so many times in literature and film, the bookie is a staple of our national consciousness: someone who is always available to provide a badly needed service, but whose wrath must be feared should the bill fail to be collected on time. Thumb screws, cement shoes, Colombian neckties, arson and other acts of rampant violence are legendary aspects of the quintessential losing gambler's saga, one which most of us are fortunate enough never to have experienced in a personal way.

Well, for the most part, the bookie of old has gone the way of the dinosaur. Certainly, individuals of the type described above still exist and go about their two-fisted business, but the Internet has created an entirely new system by which gamblers can place wagers and either pay or collect depending upon the outcome. If you have not yet taken advantage of the wide range of online sports books, you may be wondering where to start.

There is some good news on this front, as the Internet boasts a huge amount of online sports book reviews which will provide you with precisely the information you need to make an intelligent choice. Bear in mind that some of these ostensibly objective reviews are no more than paid advertisements, thus a level of critical thinking and healthy skepticism should be brought to bear. In spite of this sad reality, there are a large number of reliable reviews out there who will tell you exactly what you want to know before choosing where to place that next big bet on your favorite team.

Rules and Strategies

Rules and Strategies: "Rules and Strategies

If you want to be an online poker or casino player, you've got to know all the rules. You don't want to sit down at the table and slow things down with a lot of questions, but without an easy resource outlining the basics, there isn't much else you can do. Until now. The days of wandering around a virtual or live casino, wanting to get into the action but not knowing how, are over. Here, in easy-to-read format, are all the rules for all of the games you are likely to encounter at a casino, whether online or live.

But just knowing the rules isn't enough. You've got to learn the ins and outs of every game you want to play. While sometimes these games are played just for fun, most of the time they are played for real money, and no one wants to part with their hard earned cash, least of all the casinos who make their living cashing in on your mistakes. Knowing the basic strategies of each game you play will give you your best chance to beat the casinos, or the other players, if need be. There's no need to hunt those strategies down or ask the player next to you; the most important tactics for winning the most popular games are right here.

Here are the kinds of things you'll find in the rules and strategies section:

Casino game rules: You'll get the clear, bottom line instructions for how to play games such as blackjack,craps, roulette, and poker. No obscure rule is left out, no complex rule is left unexplained. More importantly, you'll learn the variations. Blackjack isn't just blackjack: It can be Spanish 21, single deck, and double exposure. Online it can be any of these, or blackjack switch or pontoon. Roulette can be American Roulette or European Roulette. Slot machines can be multi level, multi payout, or progressive. Make sure you understand the basic rules and the basic variations before you sit down to play.

Casino game strategies: Casino games are all about odds, and there are definite strategies to tilting the odds in your favor. Learn the basic odds for every game in the casino, and then learn how to manipulate them. If you're playing poker, learn how to get the edge on your opponents, making positive expectation plays while they're making negative ones. If you're playing blackjack, roulette or slot machines, learn how to shave the House edge down until it's almost non-existent. If you play craps, learn about all the different bets and side bets, which ones can give you a real edge, and which ones are best left for the suckers.

Poker and other online games can be tricky, and there are enough strategies to these games to fill several books. Start here though, and you can give yourself a winning edge before you ever sit down to play.

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How To Play Guides

The Real Cash Winners Network presents - How To Play Guides:
How To Play Guides
How To Play Casino Games Guides.
Its important to know what your doing when your gambling. We have prepared basic guides for you to learn how to play all the different types of casino games available on and offline.
How To Play Caribbean Poker
How To Play Roulette
How To Play 3 Card Poker
How To Play Sicbo
How To Play Skill Games
How to play Craps
How To Play Pai Gow
How To Play Red Dog
How To Play Keno
How To Play Let It Ride
How To Play Blackjack
How To Play Slots
How To Play Baccarat

How To Play Caribbean Poker

The Real Cash Winners Network presents - How To Play Caribbean Poker:
How To Play Caribbean Poker
This is how to play
Would you like to learn how to play Caribbean Stud? Before answering that, consider the following question: when you play poker, how important is the aspect of bluffing to your success rate and overall level of enjoyment?

This question is one many players would regard as ridiculous, since for them bluffing is the central aspect of the game. However, there are players out there who prefer a more straightforward approach, focusing more on the cards than on the collective psychology of the opponents. Granted, few professional players fall into this second category, but if you do it's a good idea to check out the game of Caribbean Stud. This is the only major poker variant that entails no bluffing. And while many gambling hacks will tell you it's a straight-up sucker's game, Caribbean Studclaims many loyal fans.

Unlike most poker variants, Caribbean Stud is played against the house rather than other players. There is only one hand allowed per player, meaning that players are not allowed hold or wager on multiple hands at the table. This is another factor that turns some gamblers away from Caribbean Stud, while making the game more attractive to individuals who like a slower pace of action than you'd find with, say, Texas Holdem or Omaha.

To play, every player makes an ante. All ante wagers must be made before the dealer announces "No more bets." The players and the dealer all get five cards each, face down. The dealer turns over one of his cards at the start of the hand.

Players have the option to play or fold. Choosing to play, they put their bets (twice the respective ante) in the bet box. If they fold, the ante is forfeited. Once the players have made their calls, the dealer shows his four hole cards.

If the dealer does not have an Ace/King, all hands in contention for the jackpot must be turned over at that point in game play. If a player is not playing for the jackpot prize, the cards do not need to be shown. This is definitely a deviation from the rules of many other popular forms of poker, and it's a critical one. By comparing the dealer's hand to the players hands - individually, moving front right to left - the winner emerges wins by virtue of having the best poker hand.

It should be noted that Caribbean Stud is a poker variant which places importance on the correct etiquette. If you want to really learn how to play, it's a good idea to get a handle on the basic aspects of decorum. As mentioned before, players are not allowed to hold or wager on multiple hands at the table. Also, it is forbidden for players to share information about their hands during the course of play. This rule has a profound impact on the game because knowledge of what other people are holding decreases the house edge, sometimes by as much as 2.3%.

All in all, Caribbean Stud is not for everyone, but all serious poker aficionados should give it a shot at least once.

How To Play Roulette

The Real Cash Winners Network presents - How To Play Roulette:
How To Play Roulette
Playing Roulette.

Something amazing has happened in the world of gambling in recent years: The game of roulette has enjoyed a tremendous explosion of popular interest. There can be no doubt that, both in brick-and-mortar casinos as well as online gaming rooms, learning how to play roulette has become bigger than ever.

There is a funny little fact that is at least partially responsible for this trend. The casinos probably don't want you to know about it, but here goes: not too long ago, some genius got the idea of putting electronic tally boards above the roulette wheels in a number of casinos. These boards kept track of what number and color the ball landed on during previous spins. People walking by, with no prior intention of playing roulette, would look up and say: "Wow! The ball hit red twelve times in a row. It's GOT to change this time, so I'm gonna lay down some cash on black!"

Smart, eh? Especially considering the scientific fact that the roulette wheel has no memory whatsoever. In other words, the last spin (or the last 1,000 spins for that matter) has zero impact upon the next spin. And yet, after those tally boards went up, casinos started making a whole lot more money from roulette. Now you can't go into any gambling house without seeing them.

Anyway, if you haven't gotten around to playing roulette for yourself, it might be helpful to review the basics of the game. The wheel contains a number of special series bets. These series are placed by betting a set amount per series, or multiples of that amount. They are based on the way in which certain numbers lie next to each other on the roulette wheel:

Voisins or "Neighbors" are numbers which lie between 22 and 25 on the wheel, including 22 and 25: 22,18,29,7,28,12,35,3,26,0,32,15,19,4,21,2,25.

Tiers or "The Third" are numbers on the opposite side of the wheel between 27 and 33, including 27 and 33: 27,13,26,11,30,8,23,20,5,24,16,33.

Orphelins or "Orphans" are numbers made up of two segments on the wheel outside the Tiers and Voisins. They contain a total of eight numbers. Five chips or multiples thereof are bet. A straight up on number 1 and splits on 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34.

Now it would be a good idea to examine some of the bets available to you during the course of play:

Straight is a single number bet. The chip is placed entirely on this square and no other.

Split is a bet on two adjoining numbers, on the vertical or horizontal (e.g. 14-17 or 8-9). The chip is put on the edge between these numbers.

Street is a wager on three numbers on a single horizontal line. The chip is put on the edge of the number at either the left or the right, depending on the layout.

Corner, or Square is a bet on four numbers in a square layout (e.g. 19-20-22-23). The chip is put at the horizontal and vertical intersection of these numbers.

Six-line is a bet on two adjoining streets, with the chip put at the corresponding intersection (e.g. in 25-30.)

There you have it, the basics of roulette all laid out for you. Now it's time to give that wheel a spin.

How To Play 3 Card Poker

The Real Cash Winners Network presents - How To Play 3 Card Poker:
How To Play 3 Card Poker
3 Card Poker the lo down

Many gamblers who have racked up a substantial amount of experience with perennially popular poker variants such as 5-Card Draw, 7-Card Stud, Texas Holdem and Omaha have adopted what I consider to be an unfortunate mindset toward the game of 3-Card Poker. Unfortunate, because these folks seem to disregard the game based upon one sole criteria: the number of cards involved. The vast majority of gamblers who have gotten over this mental block generally discover that learning how to play 3-Card Poker is a good investment of their time. Feelings of shame and self-reproach for their previous “numberism” are sure to follow.

It is the hope of all of us here at Front Magazine that you do not fall into the category of narrow-minded gaming enthusiasts described above. Surely you have intimately acquainted yourself with 3-Card Poker by now. We expect a lot from out readers, who are surely among the smartest, most cultured crowd of gamblers found anywhere in the real world or cyberspace. It’s also worth noting that the collective level of personal hygiene practiced by the average Front fan is above reproach.

But undoubtedly some of you have been remiss in learning how to play 3-Card Poker. In a sincere attempt to remedy that situation, this article will lay out some basic precepts of the game. After reviewing these words a dozen or so times, the burden then falls squarely on your shoulders to get out there and put this freshly garnered knowledge into action.

You many already know that 3-Card Poker is sometimes referred to as Tricard Poker. What you may not know is that this game is actually something of a hybrid, and consists of two separate games which go by the names “Pairplus” and “Ante and Play.” Much like Jojo the two-headed calf, who draws such large and loving audiences at Dr. Pretorious's Traveling Freak Show, this is a game that is quick to earn fans who are willing to overcome their natural trepidation. Let’s take a closer look at each of 3-Card Poker’s dueling heads, shall we?

Pairplus is based on a simple bet that will be familiar to most poker fans. A payout will come your way if you are holding a pair or better. Bear in mind that payout tables can vary quite a bit in different casinos.

During Ante and Play, you will put up an "ante" bet before getting any cards. You will then have the option to fold your cards and forfeit the ante, or raise by making another bet equal to the ante. Should you decide to play, there are three possibilities. The dealer may not qualify by failing to have a Queen high or better. If the dealer does not qualify, the ante bet pays even money, but the play bet is just returned.

Should the dealer qualify, you win if your hand is of higher value than the dealer's, and receive even money on both the ante and play bets. If the dealer's hand is better, the dealer takes both the Ante and Play bets. Ouch! Rules vary on what happens when the hands are of equal value: some state that you get your money back, while others claim you should be paid even money on his bet. Which of these do you like best? It’s not a touch call.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to standard Ante and Play aspects, you are also in contention for a bonus payout on the ante bet for especially good hands. Please consult the specific payout schedules at each casino to learn the worth of these bonuses. Even a quick perusal will reveal that there is a lot more to this game than some skeptics would have you believe.
How To Play 3 Card Poker

How To Play Sicbo

How To Play Sicbo: How To Play Sicbo

Sicbo how to go...
Sometimes, it becomes far too easy for experienced gamblers to fall into familiar habits or patterns of behavior. While it's a good idea to devote a proper amount of time to honing your skills in your game (or games) of choice, it can also be highly instructive to learn new games that can offer a fresh perspective on the tried-and-true formats. Thus, many poker players have derived a great deal of value by learning how to play Sic Bo.Though Sic Bo is far from a household word in then United States at the moment, it's quite possible that may change in the coming years. The British version is called Grand Hazard. The American version of Grand Hazard is called Chuck-a-luck or Birdcage.Whatever you call it, Sic Bo is a very exciting and addictive game and one which garners new fans on an accelerating basis. In its native China, this gambling diversion is also known as tai sai and dai siu. Chances are, your local casino will be adding it to their roster of games, if that hasn't already happened.Sic Bo is played with three dice. These are shaken in a basket or cup and then thrown. A player has the freedom to make any number of bets during a round. Results are determined by the combinations that occur when the three dice are rolled. A long list of payoff combinations can usually be found on a roulette-style table that is sometimes illuminated in certain areas to indicate winning combinations. In a normal round of Sic Bo, players make their bets on the table and multiple bets are accepted. It's critical to get a firm handle on the payoff rates. For instance, a 5:1 payoff ratio found on a $10 bet would indicate that you receive $50 if you win, on top of your original bet.A Single bet allows you to bet on any single number from one to six. Payoff depends on how many of the three dice end up with your number. A Two dice bet lets you wager on any two dice combinations. There are fifteen different combinations/bets. The payoff is usually 6:1 as long as your combination comes up. The action starts to get really hot when you factor in all the possibilities of a Three dice bet, including numbers ranging from 4 to 17. Bet on any of those numbers and if the three dice together end on that total, you win. Remember that the bets available and their associated odds can be quite different from one casino to another.It's also essential to understand the Small and Big bets. You will usually find these at the top of the Sic Bo table, on either side. The Small bet indicates that you wager the outcome of the dice will total between 4 and 10. Conversely, the Big bet indicates the outcome of the roll will total from 11 to 17. These two bets both pay even money. If a three-of-a-kind is rolled all bets lose.Clearly, this is a game with lots of betting action to offer any serious gambler. Jump in and enjoy!

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How To Play Skill Games

The Real Cash Winners Network presents - How To Play Skill Games: "How To Play Skill Games
Skill Games need to know how?"

Many people who are just beginning the process of learning about games of chance do not fully understand the wide variety of difference that exists within this overall spectrum. In particular, I see a tremendous number of novice gamblers fail to appreciate the unique set of traits required to successfully play skill games. This can become a major problem, as uninformed players easily find themselves getting eviscerated at the tables when seated across from true and seasoned competitors.The key here is to fully understand the broad variation that exists among a small group of the most popular casino varieties. Trying to compare poker to keno simply based upon the fact that they can both be found under the same roof is the height of folly, believe me. Appreciating the value of real knowledge about how to play skill games can be the most important characteristic a gambler can have in his or her arsenal.I have my own personal experience upon which to draw in this regard, though I am loath to go into excessive detail. Suffice to say that in the summer of 1979 I entered a no-limit Texas Holdem tournament held in the basement of a sawdust joint on the outskirts of Fort Worth, thinking that my mastery of keno strategy would see me through. I was lucky to walk out of the basement on my own two feet, having literally lost my shirt (along with all my other clothing, valuables and dignity) over the course of an excruciating 7 minutes of play. Live and lean, friends.For those of you who wish to get a solid handle on your skill game performance, it is a good idea to recognize which variants will require maximum effort. Most poker variants, craps, pai gow, sic bo, and other favorites of the same ilk would definitely fall into the "skill" category. Games that do not merit this designation include slots, keno, Twister and roulette. Now, I fully appreciate that some of you will be incensed that I have included roulette in the "non-skill" list. I assure you it was not a decision I made without long hours of agonized contemplation. In the end, the unpredictable whims of that little white ball are held so utterly captive to the vagaries of sheer chance that I could not in good conscience call roulette a skill game. Reasonable people can disagree, so please refrain from directing any hate mail or letter bombs to my double-wide located in the most dazzling trailer park on the eastern border of... well, that's enough information.When you decide which skill game offers the most allure, it's of the greatest importance to place it at the forefront of your consciousness. Some experts advise what is known as "cross-training" (e.g. attempting to master multiple games at the same time) but I've always placed a premium on learning one game at a time. Any particular community card variant of poker, for example, will call upon all of the acumen and focus you are able to muster. There's no need to scatter your attention, simply take things one game at a time.

How to play Craps

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Want to know how to play Craps?"

There can be little doubt that, among all the major casino standards, few games hold the kind of allure attributed to craps. There is just something about this game that evokes images of high-rolling glitz in the minds of many gamblers. Perhaps not surprisingly, most people who have never worked up the nerve to play craps seem to think the game is far too complicated - and risky - for them to participate. There seems to be a commonly-held belief that craps is a diversion best suited to experienced gamblers who know how to squeeze maximum value from the dice and avoid financial catastrophe.In fact, craps can often appear to be more unfathomable from an outsider's perspective than it really is. In the interest of exposing a broader segment of the population to this venerable game, this article will review some basic structural elements, as well as some rules and strategy.In a traditional casino setting, the table is manned by four people: the Boxman is responsible for managing the chips and overseeing the dealers. A pair of Base Dealers are on either side of the Boxman, collecting and paying bets. The Stickman is directly across from the Boxman, announcing the results of each roll and gathering up the dice with the help of a wooden stick.Bets are always based on the total of both dice added together, rather than just one die or two separate numbers. Players take turns shooting the dice. A new shooter is offered five dice by the Stickman and chooses two. He or she must bet the table minimum on either the "pass line" or the "don't-pass line." All players bet on the same roll, regardless of who the shooter happens to be. The first roll of a new round is called the "come-out" roll. During a come-out roll, the pass line bettors win with a 7 or 11. A 2, 3, or 12 loses and is called "craps." When any other number is rolled, it's called the "point." When the point has been set, the pass-line bettor wins if the point is rolled again, and loses if a 7 comes first (which is known as a "7-out.") After a 7-out, the dice go to the next shooter for the next come-out roll.One critical aspect to always think about during any game of craps is the "expected value" of each bet. More often than not, the expected value is slightly negative. The best bets with the most favorable rules feature a house advantage of as low as 0.18%, but these are not very easy to find. Every bet has a negative expectation, other than the "free odds" bet that the player makes after a point is established on a "flat" bet. Because dice have no memory and there is absolutely no connection between one roll and another, there is no way of establishing a strategy that will assure winning over time. Sorry about that. Seasoned craps players take advantage of "free odds" in which there is no house advantage. Most modern casinos put limitations on how big the odds bet can be, in relation to the flat bet. Some offer 3-4-5 odds or the maximum multiple of the line bet a player can make in odds for the points of 4 and 10, 5 and 9 as well as 6 and 8. Some casinos have been known to offer limited-time promotions, in which 100% odds bets are available. This reduces the house edge to just about zip, so be sure to jump on one of these if it ever comes your way.

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How To Play Pai Gow

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How To Play Pai Gow
Pai Gows a go!
When I consider how easy it is to play pai gow, I can't help but think about the limitless universal appeal that the game of poker continues to demonstrate, one generation after another. Frankly, there are few forms of diversion ever invented throughout the history of humankind that can boast a track record even close to that of poker. Many great thinkers have devoted reams of paper over the years, trying to determine what exactly it is about this game that casts such an unbreakable spell on people from all over the globe and all walks of life. Some universities have devoted entire courses to the academic study of poker, or so I've been told.

Whenever I am trying to explain to a novice just how powerful the allure of poker is, I often point to the popular variation of pai gow poker as a good example. The fact that an ancient Chinese game involving tiles has been so flawlessly translated to a traditional card-based American poker format is more than enough evidence of the point I am laboring to make. When you think of how easy it is to play pai gow poker, the whole thing becomes even more remarkable.

Still, many avid poker players in the western hemisphere have not yet taken the time to familiarize themselves with the game of pai gow. This is a low down dirty shame, one which I intend to at least partially remedy in this article. Those of you out there who are pai gow virgins should read the following words with care, then get out and play.

In pai gow, each player is dealt seven cards which are arranged into two discrete hands. There is a two-card (or low) hand and a five-card (or high) hand. The five-card hand must be higher than the other. If the two-card hand is a pair of tens, the five-card hand must be at least a pair of jacks or better

The player's two hands must rank higher than both of the banker's (or dealer's) two hands. Thus, the player's low hand must be better than the banker's low hand and the player's high hand must rank higher than the banker's high hand. The banker always wins any ties.

You must remember that once the banker shows his cards, you are absolutely not allowed to touch yours. This is an important rule to bear in mind because it's easy to forget. You are also forbidden from showing your hands or chatting with the other players about what you're holding before all cards are exposed. Any player's hand that is improperly arranged (e.g. the low hand manages to rank better than the high hand, or the player allocates three cards to the low hand and four cards to the high hand, or some other gaffe) automatically forfeits the game.

That's right, the rules can be pretty strict in pai gow, but any true lover of poker must give this game a try.

How To Play Red Dog

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Red Dog not Hot Dog
When it comes to assessing one of the hottest trends taking over the world of gambling - both in regards to brick-and-mortar casinos as well as online casinos- it's becoming pretty clear the proverbial doghouse is not such a bad place afterall.. That's right, the Red Dog revolution has arrived."

While it would be wildly inaccurate to call Red Dog a "new" game, at the same time it must be noted that in recent years this casino variation has enjoyed a major surge in popular appeal. Frankly, it's not hard to see why. With Texas Holdem sucking all the oxygen out of the collective poker tent for so long, it was only inevitable that some alternate variants would emerge to claim new fans. Red Dog is certainly at the head of the pack.

But maybe you have not yet been bitten by this nasty canine. If that's the case, it would be desirable to review some of the basic tenants of the game so you can hit the ground running.

The game of Red Dog can be played with one to eight decks, with a higher number of decks decreasing the house advantage. Most reliable calculations indicate that the house edge starts at 3.155% with one deck, falling down to a manageable 2.751% when eight decks are in play.

The game begins - after the opening bets have been made - with the dealer giving you two cards, one placed on the left side and one on the right. At this point you bet on the odds that the third card dealt will fall between the ranks of the first two.

Bear in mind that suits do not play a role in this game. Cards from 2 to 10 are taken at face value. A jack counts for 11, a queen for 12, a king for 13 and an ace counts as 14. If the cards are consecutive in number, the hand is a push and the player's bet is returned. If the two cards are of equal value, a third card is dealt. If the third card has the same value, the payout for the player is 11:1. Otherwise the hand is a push

The player gets an edge over the house is when the spread is seven or greater. In this case, a total of seven cards will give the player a winner. Because there are thirteen cards in play, having only six will make you lose. The house edge is around 2.8%, and will not switch to your favor until the spread is seven or more. When the spread gets to eleven you are sitting pretty because the house edge is essentially in the sewer. Relish these moments!

You should know that even when using the maximum of eight decks , Red Dog does not provide very good odds compared to some popular casino games. This is just an undeniable reality that must be dealt with, like death and taxes. Still, many avid gamblers will tell you Red Dog offers a whale of a good time (sorry to mix animal metaphors like that) so you definitely should give it a go.

How To Play Keno

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Keno not bust
It can be fairly stated that gamblers come in two broad categories. First, there are the individuals who make a serious practice of playing games of chance. These folks generally tend to focus on what are called 'skill games' such as poker, craps, blackjack, and others. Obviously, in order to be successful in this field, a tremendous amount of time and effort is required, no to mention a little luck."

Please remember that you do not have the option to pull back your third bet. Thus, you will end up letting it ride whether you like it or not at that point. And don't believe any of the naysayers. This game needs to be played, optimally after at least two adult beverages, in order to be fully appreciated.

The second category consists of the gamblers who only set foot in a casino as a means of diversion and entertainment. These folks would find the idea of attempting a career as a professional gambler totally ridiculous. They are much more apt to play games like slots, roulette or keno.

All of this is not to suggest that keno, for instance, is game which cannot be played seriously. Far from it. In fact, the game of keno has gotten an unduly harsh rap from most of the gambling community. Sure, it's basically luck, but there are some consistently successful keno players who are able to play in a much smarter manner than the rest of the pack. Let's review the basics of the game:

Similar in some ways to a lottery, a player chooses from one to 20 numbers and marks them on a ticket containing a total of 80 numbers. The casino then chooses 20 numbers at random. The player is paid against the original bet based on how many numbers match the ones marked on the ticket.

Casino employees known as "keno runners" circulate the gaming floor with number selection cards to anyone who wants to play. After selecting numbers and recording them at the booth, players watch the winning keno numbers light up on a video monitor. It's a heck of an exciting thing to be a part of. (Sorry for the dangling participle.)

As the winning numbers flash, the player marks them on his or her keno card. A winning ticket must to be taken to the booth promptly because the next drawing will usually start within five minutes. If the player tries to redeem a winning ticket after the next drawing has begun, it's void and no winning are paid.

Obviously, the casino always enjoys a healthy advantage against the player in keno, more so than in almost any other game. (This is why most serious gamblers shun keno like a social disease.) On certain bets, the edge can be as high as 66%, but that's rare. The normal house edge for a casino game is between 1percent and 5 percent.

Minimum bets can be as low as a nickel for all you tightwads out there. Most casinos only accept wagers of a one dollar or more. When you look at these figures, how much can you really lose? Obviously, if you are the kind of gambler who needs high-stakes action in order to stay awake at the table, this might not be the ideal game. But for the vast majority of Americans who are in search of a little casino-related adrenaline rush that won't destroy their savings account, this is a good option for consistent fun. So go ahead, give keno a shot.

How To Play Let It Ride

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Let it ride not let it slide
This is a shout out to any and all hard-core poker aficionados out there. One question: have you devoted a sufficient portion of your recent gambling time to the classic variant known as Let It Ride? If you can only provide an honest answer to that question in the negative, we need to talk. There may be some out you out there who are unwilling to admit that you've never even bothered to learn how to play Let It Ride, which is just sad. "

There's no need to fear the unknown. Anyone who has a natural affinity for the more traditional forms of poker - whether it be 7-Card Stud, Texas Holdem, Omaha, or Little California - is bound to take a quick shine to Let It Ride. This is a game that thrives on action, which can be deceptive to novices who are easily lulled by the relatively languid pace. How can a game be slow and action-packed at the same time? That's a respectable question, one which merits a thoughtful answer.

The first thing you want to know about Let It Ride is that you will always be playing against the casino rather than the other players. Essentially, this is a variation on the venerable 5-Card Stud, where you bet on a hand consisting of three cards in your hand and two community cards held by the dealer.

I think it's important to take a moment to dispel an ugly misconception that has seeped like some kind of foul, swampy goo into the minds of far too many young gamblers. Namely, that Let It Ride is a game best suited for the Geritol & Depends age bracket. This is just baloney. Of course, the fact that many Vegas dealers contemptuously refer to the game as "Let It Die" has not done much to help matters. Maybe Generation Y is a lost cause in the battle to keep Let It Ride alive and kicking, but the rest of you geezers should pay attention.

In order to play, each gambler places equal bets in three spaces labeled 1, 2 and $, respectively. You may find an optional $1 side bet in some casinos, but it's not the norm. If your first three cards contain a winning hand, you automatically collect on the side bet. Just remember that the house edge is usually more than 13 percent here, making it an even worse bet than the $1.50 shrimp cocktails you'll find in most casinos.

Each player get three cards, face-down. The dealer gets two. You compare your hand with a payout schedule, rather than comparing it to the other players' hands, or the dealer's hand. Your total hand consists of your three cards and the dealer's two.

After checking out the three cards, you can pull back the first bet (sort of like hitting the panic button many of you keep near your beds at night) or act like you've got some true grit and just "let it ride." Can you guess which move will buy you more respect from the showgirls?

Regardless, the dealer will turn over the first community card, then you have the same choice to make all over again. The dealer proceeds to flip the second community card, followed by the three cards of each player. All losing bets are collected, and then all winners get paid according to the payout chart.

Please remember that you do not have the option to pull back your third bet. Thus, you will end up letting it ride whether you like it or not at that point. And don't believe any of the naysayers. This game needs to be played, optimally after at least two adult beverages, in order to be fully appreciated.

How To Play Blackjack

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How To Play Blackjack
Blackjack not crack
Blackjack is among the most universally popular of all casino games, and at the same time one of the most underestimated. Just ask any dealer and he or she will tell you that the vast majority of gamblers have no how to play blackjack. But since it's easy to get a handle on the basics. and also easy to find tables offering low minimums, blackjack continues to attract millions of new players. Let's take a basic overview of game play.

In the game of blackjack, the player with the highest total wins, providing it doesn't exceed 21. Go higher than that, and you bust. Deuces through 10 are worth their face value, and face cards are worth 10 each. An ace's value is 11 unless this causes a bust, in which case it's worth 1. A hand in which an ace's value is counted as 11 is called a "soft" hand, because it can't be busted if the player draws another card.If a player and the dealer wind up with hands of the same value, it's called a "push" which is basically a tie. No one collects any money. Regardless of how many players are sitting at the table, each has an independent game with the dealer. Therefore it's possible for the dealer to lose to one player while beating the other players in the same round.A two-card hand that totals 21 (an ace plus a 10-value card) is called blackjack (or a "natural") and wins automatically in the traditional format of the game. In some alternative variations, this hand does not automatically win. A natural usually pays 3:2 on the bet. If the dealer has blackjack and a player does not, the player automatically loses. If neither has blackjack, the hand proceeds. The player's options are to Hit (take another card), Stand (take no more cards), Double Down (double the bet, take one more card and then stand) or Split (double the bet and make each card the first card in a new hand, which is only possible when both cards match.)Never forget that the house has a statistical advantage over the player at all times. Skilled players are able to reduce the casino advantage to a small percentage by playing what is known as "basic" blackjack strategy. This dictates when to hit and when to stand, and also dictates precisely when doubling down or splitting is the smart move. Basic strategy is based on the player's point total and the dealer's visible card. The house advantage over a basic strategy player can be as low as 0.16% when a single deck is used (practically impossible to find in modern-day Vegas or online.) Some gamblers detest basic strategy, even while acknowledging its effectiveness. They feel it takes the spontaneity out of the game. It's up to you to decide what you seek from your gaming experience: to win on a regular basis or to enjoy the fun and risk of gambling by instinct.